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New version 1.5.55

  • Added support for entering reminders as an absolute time.
  • The "pull down to refresh" can now be turned off in the task view.
  • Changed the authentication method to Google's new authentication method that uses the system's default browser.
  • When using the pop-up in the month view you can now choose what should happen when tapping another day while the pop-up is already open ("Settings > Display and Use > Month view > Expert > When selecting a different day").
  • Added an option to open the task edit screen instead of the task view when tapping a task in the Today Widget ("Settings > Display and Use > Task view > Advanced > Open tasks in...").
  • The week view can now display the description of events.
  • Added an option to specify if the day view should display the travel time of events based on their start time (as arrival time) or based on the current time.
  • When printing an event from the detail view the "tasks in events" are now printed, too.
  • Added a function to change the background color of the week view on days that have certain all-day events ("Settings > Display and Use > Week view > Expert > Events in calendars as background color").
  • Bug fixes