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New version 1.5.43

In the task view you can now assign multiple labels to each task, assign actions to tasks and enter tasks directly in the task view, i.e. without using the usual task edit screen. You can also create multiple tasks quickly after another by tapping the next button to create a new one.
These are the most important changes:
  • Google Calendar attachments can now be displayed.

    In Google Calendar (
    http://calendar.google.com ) you can add files to events. Until a few weeks ago it wasn't possible to display these attachments in other apps. However now it is possible. They are automatically displayed in CalenGoo's detail view for events that were downloaded after installing the new version of CalenGoo. Just tap them to open them. Since they are saved in Google Drive, it is useful to also install the Google Drive app.
The task view has been improved:
  • You can now add multiple labels to tasks and select which label or list should be displayed by using the new sidebar. To open the sidebar either use a swipe gesture or use the button in the lower left corner of the task view.

    Tasks can be saved into different task lists to categorize them. However sometimes a task belongs to more than one category. For this purpose you can now also add labels to your tasks. A task can have multiple labels. Using the new sidebar you can display only tasks with a certain label.

    An example might be a shopping list where some items can be bought in multiple stores. By assigning multiple labels (one for each store) to these items you can just filter by a single store's label when you are shopping and can see all items that can be bought there.
  • Tasks can be edited directly in the task view by turning "Settings > Display and Use > Task view > Inline editing" on. Then you can just tap on a task to edit it and tap the next button on the keyboard to create a new task.

    This makes entering simple lists of tasks or iOS reminders very easy: Just tap on an existing task and tap the "Next" button on the keyboard. A new empty row will appear into which you can immediately write the task's title. To create another task just tap "Next" again. So you can quickly create a lot of tasks. The tasks will be saved with the same indention level as the previous task so that it is easy to create several sub-tasks.
  • You can add actions to tasks e.g. to call a person or to open a location with a single tap from the task list. Just tap the button in the upper right corner of the task edit screen.

    If your tasks contain calling a person, driving somewhere or reading a website you can add actions to your tasks. By adding an action, a new icon will appear for the task in the task view. By tapping that button you can call a person, open the maps app or open a web page in Safari. To add an action to a task open the task edit view, tap the action button in the upper right corner and choose "Add action". Please see the "Actions" section here:
  • New design for the checkboxes and icons of tasks.
  • iOS reminders can be displayed in the task view ("Settings > Tasks > iOS reminders" and "Show in task view").

    The iOS reminders can be displayed in the task view now and new iOS reminders can be created using the new "Inline editing" function, too.
  • The time zone configuration has been simplified under "Settings > Time zones".

    It shows clearly which time zone and time is used and allows to easily change it.
  • New design for the agenda view if "Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view > Expert > Flexible size" is used.

    The design of the checkbox for completed/floating events has been changed and the status symbols have been moved to the right. Currently it uses more white space for single line entries than before. With the next update an option for a more compact mode will be added.
  • Today widget: completed events can be faded
  • Today widget: multiple days can be displayed
  • Search: When printing from the search view the printed time range can be restricted.

    Instead of printing all search results it is possible to print only those of a certain time range.
  • Month view: an agenda pop-up has been added, i.e. by selecting a day with a tap a pop-up is opened that displays the events of the selected day ("Settings > Display and Use > Month view > Expert > Show pop-up when selecting a day").

    To easily see all events of a day in the month view CalenGoo can now display a pop-up with an agenda view when a day is selected. The pop-up uses the same settings as the normal agenda view.