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New version 1.5.54

  • Fixes for slow startup on some devices. It turned out that some iOS functions now take several seconds to complete under iOS 10 that took a fraction of a second to complete under iOS 9. Workarounds for these problems have been added.
  • Support for navigating with SBB Mobile.
  • Option to show iOS reminders in reverse order (newest at top) in the task view: "Settings > Display and Use > iOS reminders > Advanced > Task view: Newest at the top"
  • Option to sort all events by calendars, i.e. first the all-day events and the timed events of one calendar are displayed and then below that the events of the next calendar ("Settings > Display and Use > General > Sort all-day events").
  • Reverse sort order for all-day events ("Settings > Display and Use > General > Sort all-day events > by calendar/creation date(reverse)").
  • Option for the week view to display a pop-up of the selected day when a day is tapped (similar to the same function in the month view).
  • Option to display up/down arrows as hints in the week view to indicate that there are more events in the scrollview.
  • Option to edit the title of an event directly in the edit screen (just turn "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Expert > Edit title fullscreen" off).
  • Option to only display certain selected calendars in the edit screen if "Show multiple calendars in edit view" is enabled.
  • Bug fixes