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Nov 2014

New version 1.5.38

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.11.2014 13.18.51
The date chooser has a new option "month" to choose a date from a month view. Additionally a few bugs were fixed regarding the syncing of tasks and for syncing certain holiday and birthday calendars.

New version 1.5.37

Version 1.5.37 has been released. It fixes a few bugs and the "Export settings" function can now also export the calendar colors and visibility settings.

Google Calendar default reminders will now be ignored, i.e. if you create events without reminders, they will be saved without reminders, even if there are default reminders configured in Google Calendar. If you would like Google Calendar to automatically add your default reminders to such events, just turn "Settings", "Reminders", "Use Google’s default reminders" on.