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Oct 2014

New version 1.5.36

Version 1.5.36 has been released and fixes the problems mentioned below. Additionally it is now possible to use individual background colors for configurable time ranges in the day view. Please see Background colors for further information.

It will also ask you to switch to using the OAuth2 authentication method if you didn’t use it yet. It is more secure and usually also faster than the old methods. You can find further information under Convert to OAuth2.

The new OAuth2 sync method uses the default reminders that you have configured on the Google Calendar website when you save an event without reminders. This behavior will be changed with version 1.5.37 but currently you have to remove your default reminders in Google Calendar to be able to save events without reminders. Just open http://calendar.google.com on your computer, sign in, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and then "Settings", "Calendars". For each calendar you can configure default reminders. So click on "Reminders and notifications" for the calendar whose default reminders you would like to remove:


Then click on "remove" to remove the default reminders and click Save. Afterward sync CalenGoo to let it know that the default reminders have been removed.



New version 1.5.35

A new version has been released today. It introduces a new login screen and a new account management. CalenGoo can now also sync with multiple Google Tasks accounts. The larger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now also fully supported.

A bug was discovered in this version that affects only iPads and occurs only if "Settings", "Tasks", "[+] for tasks/events" is turned on: When tapping the "+" button a window appears to choose between "New event" and "New task". However tapping one of the options doesn’t do anything. As a workaround please turn "[+] for tasks/events" off and use the "+" button to create events and the tasks view to create tasks until the next update is released probably in about 2-3 weeks.

A second bug was discovered which affects iOS 7 devices but is easy to fix: After the first start the "Settings" and "+" buttons cannot be used. To fix it just tap "Jump to" or "Search" or open the all-day events list in the day view once. Afterward it should work correctly again. Read More...