CalenGoo for Windows and macOS

This is the desktop version of CalenGoo, a calendar app that is available for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. It can also be used on Linux but it might depend on which Linux you are using.
CalenGoo is calendar, to-do list, contacts and email program. It can sync with Google accounts, Exchange accounts (EWS), IMAP, CalDAV/CardDAV accounts (e.g. iCloud) and Evernote. You can view your calendar in different formats (day, 7-day, week, month, agenda and year) and you can rearrange the panes to fit your needs. E.g. you can put templates or contacts in a sidebar to quickly create new events by dragging a template or a contact into the calendar.

Currently you can buy it from the Microsoft Windows Store or you can download a version here using one of the buttons at the end of the website. If you download it here you can try it for free and then purchase it in the app by clicking on the "Buy" button at the top of the window.

It supports English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Try it for free using the download buttons at the end of the page

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You can customize the layout and the colors. In this example there is an agenda view, a task view, the main calendar view and the email inbox. Contacts, templates and calendars can be accessed using the tabs on the right side.


It is possible to sync with Google (Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Mail), Microsoft Exchange (calendars, tasks, contacts, emails and attachments), CalDAV servers (calendars and tasks, e.g. Yahoo, Baikal, Gmx, Nextcloud, ownCloud and iCloud (calendars)) and Evernote. On MacOS it is additionally possible to sync with the computer’s MacOS calendars and MacOS reminders, this way it is also possible to sync e.g. with iCloud and further kinds of accounts on MacOS.

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CalenGoo has several calendar views: Day, week, month, agenda and year. In addition it has a task view that you can use if you sync tasks with Google Tasks, Exchange, CalDAV or macOS reminders.

Modular Layout

CalenGoo has a modular layout, which means that you can drag the panes to other places. E.g. maybe you would like to have a separate task list on the left side or you need your contacts often and would like to have them open in an additional pane all the time. Currently these panes are available:

  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Templates
  • Tasks
  • Mini Month
  • Narrow agenda view
  • Detail view
  • Evernote
  • Calendar selection bar
  • Emails
  • Email folders
  • A simple browser
Further panes will be added in the future.

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CalenGoo uses Drag&Drop in many places:

  • You can drag events to change their time and date, even while editing the event. You can drag the lower edge of an event in the day/week view to change its duration while editing it.
  • You can drag contacts onto the calendar to create a new event with that contact.
  • You can drag contacts onto the edit view to add them as an attendee or a linked contact.
  • You can drag tasks onto the calendar view to change their due date.
  • You can drag events onto the templates pane to create a new template or you can drag events from the templates pane onto the calendar view to create a new event.
  • You can drag files onto the event edit screen to attach them.
  • You can drag emails from the email list onto the calendar to create a new event and attach the email.
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Search function

Using the search field you can quickly search for events in your calendar.
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Quick add function

Using the quick add function (CMD-N or CTRL-N) you can create an event by entering free text like "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5pm". CalenGoo will parse the text and create an event from it. The event is opened in the edit view for review. To confirm the creation of the event just press CMD-RETURN or CTRL-RETURN.
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If you often have to enter the same or similar events, you can use CalenGoo’s templates pane. Just drag an event onto the pane to save it as a template. And drag it from the templates pane onto the calendar to create a new event from it. Templates can also be organized in folders.
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You can attach files to your events by dragging them from the Explorer or Finder onto the appropriate field in the event edit screen. And you can view attached files by clicking them in the detail view. Additionally you can attach contacts, emails and Evernote notes.


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Tasks in events

You can add a small list of tasks to events. Just use the "Add task" button in the edit screen or press return after entering a task to add another task.
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Event icons

You can assign icons to your events which will also be displayed in Google Calendar.
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CalenGoo can sync with Google Contacts to display the birthdays of your contacts. When opening a birthday, the contact is displayed so that you can see e.g. the phone number of the person or click on the email address.
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Fixed columns for calendars

CalenGoo can use fixed columns for calendars in the day and the week view. This is useful if each calendar represents a person or a resource and you would like to easily see when this person or resource is available.
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CalenGoo contains an email client that allows you to view and write emails. It supports Google Mail accounts (including labels), IMAP and Exchange accounts. Additionally you can attach emails to events this way. This allows you to open emails that are related to an event directly from the detail view of an event. From there you can answer or forward these emails.
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Feature suggestions

If you would like to have a new feature that does not exist yet, you can suggest it here or vote for existing suggestions:

And if you have problems or questions please send an email to


You can download the current version here:


The macOS version needs at least macOS 10.10. To make the Windows version portable e.g. on an USB stick, please see here.

If you have problems with the Windows version above you can download a variant that uses an MSI installer here:

CalenGoo Windows 64 Bit (MSI)

If you have other problems you can try the general Java version here:


Beta version

In the version that you can download from this website you can switch "Settings > Update channel" to "Beta" to download beta updates of CalenGoo. A beta version contains new features but there still may be some bugs. If you have any problems please use the Support page or contact so that I can help you. The version that you can download here can currently be used for free but is limited in time. Currently new versions are released from time to time that extend that expiration date. When this test phase ends you have to purchase a license to continue using it.


CalenGoo is provided "AS IS". No guarantees are made, you use it on your own risk. I try to make it as stable as I can and I will try to fix the bugs that I get reported. But I don’t guarantee anything.