Local Sync

It is possible to sync calendars directly between CalenGoo on an Android device and the desktop version of CalenGoo. For this purpose you just have to create a new "Locally synced account" account under "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Locally synced account" in the desktop version of CalenGoo:


Then open "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Local Sync with CalenGoo Desktop", enter the URL that is displayed in the desktop version of CalenGoo (e.g. ) and your password. Afterward it should sync with the desktop version.


In the desktop version you can create additional calendars for the "Locally synced account" account in the "Calendars" pane (just right click the "Locally synced account" account and select "Add calendar"). These calendars will appear in the Android version of CalenGoo after the next sync.

Only the calendars of the "Locally synced account" will be synced. And you can only sync the Android device when CalenGoo Desktop is running and both are connected to the same network (e.g. your Wi-Fi network at home). But you can nevertheless make changes on your Android device or your desktop while the devices are not connected and sync them later.

The Android device will immediately try to upload changes and if the sync was successful they should immediately appear in CalenGoo on your computer. Changes that you make in CalenGoo on your computer will appear on your Android device after the next sync. The sync interval can be configured in the Android version under "Settings > Accounts".

If you have problems connecting the Android version to the desktop version check the Firewall on your computer and also on your Android device if you have installed any.