Support for Windows/MacOS

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the desktop version of CalenGoo, please send an email to or use the forum below:
Support Forum
In the Google Groups support forum for CalenGoo for Windows/macOS you can read and search existing questions and responses or ask new questions. You can post using your existing Google account. The posts are moderated, i.e. it will take a few hours until your post becomes visible.

Open the support forum
Support Email
Instead of using the forum you can get support by sending an email to . This can be useful if you need to mention private data or screenshots. However it can happen that your email or the response to your email is filtered by a spam filter so if you don’t receive a response please try the support forum instead.

Send an email
If you have previously purchased the Windows/macOS version of CalenGoo and cannot find your license link any more, you can use this website to get your license link again:
Find license

However this will only work if you have purchased the Windows/macOS version before. The Windows/macOS version, the Android version and the iOS version are separate purchases.