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New version 1.5.88

  • Tasks in events can be displayed/edited over multiple lines ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Advanced > Tasks in events > Multiline").
  • Added a configuration option for the "Google Meet" row in the edit screen ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Advanced > Allow creation of Google Meet links").
  • Added a switch for the landscape day view to make weekends smaller and/or the current day larger.
  • Added an optional small month view to the portrait week view ("Settings > Display and Use > Week view > Layout").
  • Added a long press menu to the agenda view.
  • Added a new sort order "Sort (priority reverse, due date)" for tasks in calendar views.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

New version 1.5.85

CalenGoo now supports the new iOS 14 widgets. There is a small widget that shows the current and next event. And there is a medium and large widget that shows an agenda view of your events similar to the old "Today Widget".

simulator_screenshot_B3E490F3-5FCD-4701-8651-B8E3AB6B3CE7Simulator Screen Shot - iPod touch (7th generation) - 2020-10-09 at 09.56.51

New version 1.5.81

This version fixes a few bugs regarding the dark mode, the Dutch translation and the new contacts API.

New version 1.5.79

Bug fix for the Today Widget on iOS 13.2

New version 1.5.78

  • Bug fixes for iOS 13