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Shared calendars are also displayed by CalenGoo:

Using shared calendars to add holidays to your calendar

Adding holidays to your calendar is easy:
  • Either add them directly in Google Calendar by clicking the button to the right of “Other calendars” and then “Browse Interesting Calendars”:
    Adding special calendars
    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 18.11.45
  • Or you can search for a holiday or sports calendar e.g on http://icalshare.com or http://holidays.kayaposoft.com and add it to your calendar. On that website you can find a large collection of different calendars.

    On kayaposoft you get only an URL to an ICS file. Edit the "toDate" to a later year, e.g. to 2036


    Then open Google Calendar on your computer, open "Add by URL" and insert the link. That's all, afterward you should see the holidays of the next 20 years in Google Calendar and after syncing CalenGoo, in CalenGoo, too.

Afterward you have to sync CalenGoo. Just tap “Start Sync” in the upper left corner of CalenGoo’s day view.

If you are looking for Snooker calendars you can find several calendars here: Snooker calendars

Google Sports Calendars

Google Sports calendars can also be displayed by CalenGoo. And you can use Yahoo Sports calendars in your Google Calendar: Go to http://sports.yahoo.com, search for your favorite team, click "Scores & Schedule", then "Add to Calendar" and choose "Google Calendar". When you add such a Yahoo Sports calendar, it will also be synced with CalenGoo.

There are also other event sharing sites where you can download/get sports calendars like e.g. http://icalshare.com/ that will work with CalenGoo, too.

Subscribe ICS calendars without Google Calendar

If you don’t use Google Calendar you can subscribe ICS files directly from your iPhone. Just turn "Settings > Accounts > Show iPhone calendars" on in CalenGoo. Then start the "Settings" app, open "Accounts & Passwords > Add account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar" and enter the URL of your ICS file:


After a few minutes the calendar should appear as a new calendar in the iPhone/iPad calendar app and in CalenGoo under "Settings > Visibility/Download".