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Saving/restoring CalenGoo’s settings

There are a lot of things you can configure in CalenGoo. To make it easier to backup these settings or to copy them to a different device, there is a function to export your settings as an all-day event into your Google Calendar under “Settings”, “Export settings”:

Importing settingsImporting settingsImporting settingsImporting settings
Afterward you should see a new all-day event on the current day in that calendar. If you open it you should find a new “Import Settings” button to import these settings:

Importing settingsImporting settings

Importing iPhone settings on an iPad or vice versa

iOS Simulator Screen shot 08.12.2013 17.36.02
If you import settings from an iPhone into CalenGoo on an iPad the day view might show a black area at the bottom of the screen because it was configured for a smaller screen, i.e. the screen of an iPhone. Just decide if you would like to have a larger font or just larger spaces to fill the screen and increase "Settings", "Display and Use", "Advanced", "Day view", "Font Size" or "Row Size" accordingly.