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Natural language input

It is possible to enter events with natural language input, i.e. instead of entering a title and a time for the event separately, you can just write (or speak) e.g. "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5" and CalenGoo will automatically recognize that you would like to create an event "Meeting with John" on the next day at 5pm. This way you can create a new event with three taps: One tap on the "+" button to create an event, another tap on the microphone button to speak the text and a third tap on "Insert & Save" to immediately save the event into your calendar.

This function can be turned on or off under "Settings", "Display and Use", "Edit view", "Advanced", "Natural language input".

Microphone button

The microphone button can be found to the left of the space button. It is a function of iOS called Siri, not a function of CalenGoo. By using the microphone button you can speak text into any text input fields in the app. However not all languages and devices are supported. Depending on your language iOS 5 or 6 or a newer version of iOS is necessary. Additionally only the iPhone 4S and newer devices are supported by Siri.

If you have a new version of iOS and a new device and the microphone button is still not displayed it is possible that you selected a keyboard language that doesn't support Siri. Please start the "Settings" app and tap "General", "Keyboard", "Keyboards" and add a keyboard that is supported by Siri. Then select that keyboard in CalenGoo by tapping the globe key. Afterward the microphone button should be displayed.

Screenshot 2014.07.01 22.50.22

Advanced commands

It is possible to save the event into a specific calendar by adding "into calendar" or "in calendar" to the text, e.g. "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5 into calendar work".

In addition to that possibility you can turn the option "Settings", "Display and Use", "Edit view", "Expert", "Detect calendar names" on to just mention a calendar name anywhere in the text. E.g. if you had a calendar "Meeting" then "Meeting with John" would save the event into the calendar "Meeting". I.e. CalenGoo will check for every word if it is a calendar name and will save it into the first calendar that is found.