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Configuring the badge on the app icon

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On the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad it is possible to display a number on the app’s icon. Normally it displays the number of unread emails or available updates. In CalenGoo you can configure what this number should indicate under “Settings”, “Badge on app’s icon”:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 01.07.2014 13.51.12
The different options are:
  • Badge on app’s icon: Enables or disables the red badge on the app’s icon.
  • Current date on badge: Displays today’s date on the badge. Because only one number can be displayed, only the day of the month is displayed.
  • Add events: If this is enabled, the number of remaining events of the current day is added. I.e. this number will decrease during the day.
  • Count running event: Determines if the current event is counted or not. I.e. if it is turned on, the counter will be decreased at the end of the event, otherwise it will be decreased when the event starts.
  • Count all-day events: Determines if all-day events should be counted or not.
  • Add tasks to badge: This option will only appear if the task sync is enabled. It adds the number of uncompleted tasks of the current day to the number.
  • Add overdue tasks: This option also adds overdue tasks to the number.

If the badge isn’t displayed

Please ensure that CalenGoo is allowed to display badges in the “Settings” app under “Notifications”, “CalenGoo”, “Badge App Icon”:


If the badge isn’t correct

If CalenGoo hasn’t been started for a while, an old number can be displayed on the icon. The reason is that CalenGoo has to update the badge while it isn’t running. For this purpose it pre-computes the numbers for the next seven days and tells iOS to update the number when it has to change (e.g. at midnight if the date is displayed). So if you don’t start CalenGoo for more then seven days, then iOS won’t update CalenGoo’s number any more. You can see the precomputed numbers under "Settings", "Debug Tools", "Scheduled reminders" in CalenGoo. To fix it, just start CalenGoo to let it compute the numbers for the next seven days.