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Creating simple recurring events

To create a simple recurring event in CalenGoo, just scroll down in the edit view and turn “Recurring event” on. Click “daily” to choose another repeat pattern, e.g. choose “2” and “week” for “every second week”. Now you can also choose weekdays by tapping “Weekdays”. If you like you can set an end date for the recurring event by tapping “endless”. This will replace “endless” with “limited” and you can set an “until” date:

Edit recurrence ruleEdit recurrence patternEdit weekdaysEdit until date

Creating advanced recurring events

You can even create events that repeat e.g. every 2nd Saturday of a month. Just create an event on the first occurrence, i.e. the first 2nd Saturday of the series. Then turn “Recurring event” on, set it to “monthly” repeating and tap “every 8. (by date)” to switch it to “second Saturday (by week)”:

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS - 2019-01-01 at 12.36.01Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS - 2019-01-01 at 12.36.04

If it is the “fourth” or “fifth” day of a month, you can tap it again to get a rule e.g. “last Saturday (by week)”. And if the selected day was the last day of a month a "last day" option will appear, too:

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS - 2019-01-01 at 12.37.35

To create a yearly event on a certain day weekday of the month, just choose “12”, “monthly” (i.e. create an event that occurs every 12 months).