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Year view

CalenGoo’s year view is by default turned off on the iPhone and iPod touch and turned on on the iPad. You can configure it under “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Year view”:

Year view configuration
In the following you can see different examples how it can look like. The red border marks the current day. By tapping a day you can select it, it will be marked with a blue border. You can create new events for that marked day by tapping the “+” button. Or you can switch to one of the other calendar views to see that day in the other calendar view.

By double tapping a month, that month is opened in CalenGoo’s month view.

You can select which calendars should be displayed in the year view (under “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Year view”, “Calendars”). If a calendar has an all-day event (or any events at all if “Show non all-day events is turned on”) for a given day, it is marked with the calendar’s color in the year view.

The year view is vertically scrollable to see past and future months.

Please click the images to enlarge them and see a short description for each image:

The red box marks the current day.Tap a day to select it with a blue box. Afterward you can tap Under This is an example with three calendars.The The You can change the color of most elements.Years are separated by a black bar.
And here is an example how it looks on the iPad:

A screenshot of the year view on the iPad.On the iPad you can choose the visible calendars by clicking the