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CalenGoo can open several navigation apps to navigate to the location of an event. Just tap the location field of the event in CalenGoo’s detail view and choose between "Maps" (i.e. Apple Maps), “Google Maps”, “Navigon”, “TomTom”, “Skobbler” and “Sygic”. “Navigon”, “Skobbler” and “Sygic” are detected automatically, but to use TomTom you have to turn “Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Expert > Open with TomTom” on.

Other navigation apps

To use CalenGoo with other navigation apps, just do the following:
  1. Tap the location in CalenGoo and choose "Maps" to open Apple Maps.
  2. Tap on the blue car icon.
  3. Tap on "Transport"
  4. Tap on "View Transport Apps".
  5. Choose the navigation app that you would like to use.


Navigon integration

If Navigon is installed on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, you should get an additional menu under “Settings > Display and Use > Expert > Detail view > Open with Navigon”:

If “Open with Navigon” is turned on and you tap the location of an event, you can choose if you would like to open it with the normal Google Maps app or with Navigon:

The problem is that Navigon cannot parse the address by itself as Google Maps can. Google Maps can automatically understand all kinds of address descriptions. But Navigon needs the address separated by street, house number, city, ZIP and country. So it may be possible that not all addresses are understood correctly. The currently supported formats are:

21 Main Str, Denver, TX 12345 (i.e. <house number> <street>, <city>, <state> <ZIP>)

Haupt Str. 15, 12345 Berlin (i.e. <street> <house number>, <ZIP> <city>)

Additionally if you linked a contact to the event, CalenGoo can read the address from the contact where it is already split into the required fields:

Navigon integration
If an address isn’t understood correctly, Navigon will be started but will not show the address and will instead stay in the main menu. If you have such an address, you can turn “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “All”, “Detail view”, “Navigon debug function” on to see which address is sent to Navigon:

Navigon integrationNavigon integration
If the address is not correctly separated into street, house number, ZIP, city and country, please enter it (or a similar example) into this form so that it can be supported with the next update of CalenGoo. Please note that this form doesn’t save who you are, so it isn’t possible to respond. If you would like to get a response, please send an email to calengoo@dgunia.de.