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Installing updates of CalenGoo

From time to time a new version of CalenGoo is released that adds new functions and fixes bugs. Usually these updates are installed automatically by Apple’s "AppStore" app. However if that doesn’t work, you can install an update manually:

Using the AppStore app

Just start the AppStore app and tap on "Updates". There you can see all available updates. To install an update just click on the blue "Update" button:


If that doesn’t work, please try to reboot your phone and then try it again: Press the upper button (the on/off button) of your iPhone until a red slider appears and use this slider to turn it off. Then turn it on again.

Using iTunes on your computer

First you have to download the update into iTunes. Select "Apps":


and then click on "Update all apps" in the lower right corner of the window:


Then connect your iPhone/iPad e.g. via USB, select it in iTunes and click on "Sync". It takes a while but afterward the update should be installed.