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Syncing the Facebook calendar with CalenGoo

The easiest way to display your Facebook events in CalenGoo is to sync your iPhone/iPad with Facebook and to turn "Settings", "Accounts", "Show iPhone/iPad calendars" on in CalenGoo. By syncing your iPhone with Facebook a Facebook calendar should appear in the calendar list of the iPhone/iPad calendar. In CalenGoo it will appear as a calendar with the name "Calendar" under "Settings", "Visibility/Download" after turning "Show iPhone/iPad calendars" on. Just ensure that at least that calendar is set to visible in CalenGoo so that you can see your Facebook events.

To sync your iPhone/iPad with Facebook just start the "Settings" app, tap "Facebook" sign in if necessary and turn "Calendars" on.


Syncing Facebook with Google Calendar

You can also sync Facebook via Google Calendar with CalenGoo, but syncing it via the iPhone/iPad calendar as explained above is probably easier.

Sign in to Facebook, open one of your events and click “Export event”:

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 22.18.00
You should get an URL that starts with “webcal”:

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 22.18.12

Sign in to Google Calendar and click “Add”, “Add by URL” on the left under “Other calendars” and enter the “webcal”-URL:

Adding a calendar by its URL.
To add your Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar just replace "u.php" with "b.php" in the webcal URL.

Afterward your Facebook calendar should appear as a normal shared Google Calendar. And it should also appear in CalenGoo after the next sync.