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Undeleting events in Google Calendar

If you accidentally deleted one or more events in Google Calendar, you can use this program here to undelete them. Google Calendar does not really delete events, the events are just marked as deleted. This is necessary so that programs that sync with Google Calendar can be informed which events have been deleted. The program here can display these deleted events and allows you to undelete them.

To start the program just click this Java Webstart link:

Start Undelete Events

If you don't have Java, you have to install it from http://www.java.com first.

Afterward you should see this window:

Program to undelete events in Google Calendar
Enter you Google email and password and click “Sign in”. Afterward you should see your calendars:

Program to undelete events in Google Calendar
Select one of the calendars to see which events were deleted recently. Now select the ones you would like to undelete. If you would like to undelete recurring events, you should also select all of its recurrence exceptions. You can see for every event when it was deleted:

So you can easily find the events you wish to undelete. You can select multiple events by selecting the first one and clicking on the last one while holding SHIFT (to select that range of events). Afterward click the “Undelete” button. After a few seconds a window saying “Finished” should appear. Now click “Refresh” in Google Calendar or reload the website in your browser to see the undeleted events: