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Time format

By default CalenGoo uses the time format of your iPhone/iPad/iPod. It is a general setting that is used by most apps to determine how dates and times should be displayed. You can configure it in the “Settings” app under “General”, “International”, “Region Format”:

Using the
Additionally you can specify in the “Settings” app under “General”, “Date & Time” if you would like the time to be displayed in 24h format:

24h setting in the
And you can also change the time format for some of CalenGoo’s views:
  • “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Month view”, “Hours in month view”
  • “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Month view”, “Hours in week view”
You can choose from several different time formats.
The options are
  • Long, e.g. 9:00 am
  • Short 12h am/pm, e.g. 9am
  • Short 12h, e.g. 9
  • Short 24h, e.g. 15
  • None
  • Short 24h Start/End, e.g. 14-16
  • Short 12h Start/End, e.g. 9A-1P
  • Short 12h[:mm] am/pm, e.g. 9A or 9:30A
  • Short 24h[:mm], e.g. 15 or 15:30
  • Long Start/End, e.g. 9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Short 12h[:mm] Start/End, e.g. 3 - 3:30
  • Short 12h[:mm], e.g. 3 or 3:30
  • Long Start/End without spaces, e.g. 10:00am-11:00am