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iOS’ Notification Center

Since iOS5 the Notification Center is available. It can be accessed by swiping from the top to the bottom over the screen. Then you should see something like this:
Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 20.37.37
As you can see normal non-Apple apps can only display simple notifications whereas Apple apps can display widgets (like the weather and stocks widget) or a list of items (like the upcoming events). This is a technical limitation. Apple just hasn’t provided any functions to implement widgets or such a list of items yet. Maybe it will be added in a later version of iOS7. It nevertheless has the advantage that you can keep multiple notifications in the list whereas before the Notification Center was available, only one notification could be displayed at a time and it was replaced by the next notification.

The reason why widgets and a list of upcoming items are not possible for non-Apple apps is that non-Apple apps can not run in the background. Thus they wouldn’t be able to provide the necessary data for a widget or a list of upcoming items. Only notifications can be automatically displayed in the Notification Center (by iOS) because these notifications are displayed by iOS itself. The apps only create a list of notifications together with times when these notifications should be displayed. The display of these notifications is then handled by iOS while the app isn’t running.

Display upcoming events in the notification center

Anyway if you would like to see your upcoming events in the Notification Center, you just have to sync the iOS calendar with Google Calendar as explained here:


Then you can see your upcoming events in this list and still use CalenGoo as before.

When syncing the iOS calendar with Google Calendar, you shouldn’t create recurring events with the iOS calendar, because it will usually create erroneous recurring events that cannot be modified by CalenGoo afterward, please see here for details: Red dashed border

If you don’t get reminders at all from CalenGoo, please ensure that you have enabled them in the “Settings” app under “Notifications”, “CalenGoo”: