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Calendar selection bar

The “Calendar selection bar” allows you to quickly turn single calendars on or off: You can turn it on under “Settings > Display and Use > General > Advanced > Show calendar selection bar”. It will display a list of your calendars at the bottom of the screen and allows you to turn them on or off with a single tap:


Additionally you can long-press a calendar to show only events from that calendar. And by long-pressing it again, all other calendars are activated again.

If you also would like to use the calendar selection bar in the landscape day view, you have to enable it separately under “Settings > Display and Use > Landscape day view (week) > Advanced > Show calendar selection bar”.

The calendar selection bar "forgets" which calendars were selected when CalenGoo is restarted and will display all calendars again. If you want it to preserve the state, just turn "Settings > Display and Use > Expert > General > Save state of calendar bar" on.

If you don’t want a bar at the bottom but a button at the top you can turn "Calendar selection button" on instead of "Show calendar selection bar", then it will look like this:


Choosing calendars

You can choose which calendars should be displayed in the calendar selection bar. This way you can show only those calendars that you want to temporarily hide and not those that should be always displayed anyway. To choose which calendars should be included in the calendar selection bar tap "Settings > Display and Use > General > Advanced > Calendars for selection bar".

Multiple accounts

If you have multiple accounts you can use the calendar selection bar just in the way described above. It will display the calendars from all your accounts and you can easily show/hide them. However it is also possible to use the calendar selection bar to show/hide whole accounts. Just turn "Settings > Display and Use > General > Expert > Show accounts instead of calendars" on. Then it will display buttons for your accounts instead of buttons for your calendars.