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Fixing task sync problems

If the task sync doesn’t work and you get an error during the sync please try the suggestions below.

Task sync error
Did you use CalenGoo’s AuthSub Login method to sync with your Google Calendar? Then (or also if it otherwise doesn’t work) you have to enter your email and password in the tasks settings to sync the tasks, syncing the tasks via AuthSub isn’t supported yet. Just turn “Use login credentials” off and enter your email and password manually:

If you are using Google’s 2 step verification then you have to enter an application specific password instead of your normal password. Please see here how to generate it:


Please also note that Google Apps for Domains must not be checked if you have a normal Gmail account, even if it is for a different domain. If it doesn’t work with “Google Apps for Domains” turned on, then try to turn it off.

"Web instead sync" also has to be turned off.

Afterward try to sync again.

Syncing via OAuth2

If that also doesn’t work, then you should try a different sync method. CalenGoo has two methods to sync the tasks with Google. The old method, described above, and the new method, which is used when you sync via OAuth2 with Google. To use OAuth2 to sync your events and tasks, first turn "Use login credentials" on again and ensure that "Web instead sync" is turned off. Then ensure that all your tasks and events are in Google Calendar, open CalenGoo’s login screen ("Settings", "Login screen") and tap the gear icon in the lower right corner of CalenGoo’s login screen and choose “OAuth2 Login”. Then follow the instructions and when finished tap “Login”:

soauth1soauth2Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 19.59.45Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 20.00.31
When syncing this way, your Google event colors will be synced, too. Please see here: Color Code