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New version 1.5.42

This version contains some additional configuration options for the Today Widget (to hide all-day and free events).

New version 1.5.41

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 09.03.2015 11.17.59
A Today Widget has been added, you can now sync with Evernote, you can specify Keywords to apply certain actions to your events and you can use Custom Fields to enter business data into your events.


New version 1.5.40

This version fixes two bugs: CalenGoo now works under iOS 5.1.1 again (the previous version accidentally required iOS 6, i.e. iOS6, 7 and 8 were not affected by this problem) and the "Day start time" and "Day end time" settings in the day view work correctly again.

New version 1.5.39

Multiple events can now be imported from ICS attachments, the detail view allows to refresh a single event and when sending an event by email an ICS file can be attached.

A today widget is planned and will be added with the next update, 1.5.41.

If you are still using the old iOS 5, then please don’t install this version, because it isn’t compatible with iOS 5. Instead wait for version 1.5.40, which will be compatible with iOS 5 again and will probably be released soon. Read More...

New version 1.5.38

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.11.2014 13.18.51
The date chooser has a new option "month" to choose a date from a month view. Additionally a few bugs were fixed regarding the syncing of tasks and for syncing certain holiday and birthday calendars.