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New version 1.5.53

A few bugs have been fixed and an option has been added to show all available calendars with checkboxes in the edit view when saving an event into multiple calendars:


This option can be found under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Expert > Show multiple calendars in edit view".


New version 1.5.52

Another bug regarding reminders under iOS 10 has been fixed and additionally there is now an option to show all priority 1 tasks on the current day, to sort all-day events by their creation date and the time zone selection when editing an event has been improved with a history list that shows recently used time zones.

New version 1.5.51

This version fixes a WatchOS 3 related bug and the watch app can now display the notes of tasks.

New version 1.5.50

The new version 1.5.50, that fixes several iOS 10 related problems, has been released now!

iOS 10

There are several bugs in iOS 10 that can cause crashes and other problems under certain circumstances in CalenGoo. A new version of CalenGoo has been sent past Wednesday to Apple but hasn’t been released by Apple yet. It seems that due to the release of iOS 10 reviews of apps currently take much longer than it was usual in the past months. I hope that they will release it soon. If you have any problems and need help just send an email or write into the support group. Please see here: Support

However most users are probably not affected by these problems. It depends on how many notifications CalenGoo creates, because the bug is in iOS’ notifications system. And e.g. turning "Settings > Number on app icon > Number on app icon" off can probably reduce or fix the crashes because then less notifications are created.