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New version 1.5.68

If default reminders are added to your events and you have wondered where they are coming from you can now use the screen "Settings > Reminders > Show all default reminders" to see an overview of CalenGoo’s calendar reminders, CalenGoo’s default reminders for new events and Google’s default reminders for new events (but only if you have entered your Google account under "Settings > Accounts" in CalenGoo and only for timed events, not for all-day events due to technical restrictions).


New version 1.5.67

CalenGoo will now create (Siri) shortcuts for creating a new event in a certain calendar, creating a task in a certain task list and creating an event from a template. You can either use them using the "Shortcuts" app or they will appear automatically in the home screen’s search screen if you often do the same actions at the same time.

Additionally WatchOS 5’s new "Infograph" watch faces are now supported.


New version 1.5.64

A new design option for the agenda view has been added. You can turn it on under "Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view > Expert > Flexible rows size" and "Faster flexible rows" and "Colored bars design". The left image shows the normal agenda view, the right image shows the new "Colored bars design":

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 6s - 2018-06-19 at 11.26.54Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 6s - 2018-06-19 at 11.27.28

Additionally you can see in both screenshots another new feature where all-day events that span multiple days can display the number of the event and the duration (e.g. (1/8)). You can turn it on under "Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view > Expert > Show e.g. (2/5) for multi day events".


New version 1.5.63

Recently the Google Calendar website has changed. It uses new colors now. To use the same colors in CalenGoo you can turn "Settings > Design > New Google Calendar colors" on. Additionally the search view can now display the location and description of events (It can be configured under "Settings > Display and Use > Search view > Expert > New row design") and a new (still experimental) way to repeat reminders has been added ("Settings > Reminders > Repeat with remote push (experimental)").


New version 1.5.62

A few bugs have been fixed.