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New version 1.5.45

This update now supports the Apple Watch with WatchOS 2.0 and newer. It contains several "complications" which allow displaying the next upcoming event on the watch face. Additionally it can display an agenda view with the upcoming events of the next few days. WatchOS 2’s "Time Travel" function is also supported.

Simulator Screen Shot 05.11.2015 15.26.00Simulator Screen Shot 05.11.2015 12.59.15Simulator Screen Shot 05.11.2015 12.21.37

The location editor now has a search button at the top that allows you to switch between the normal location editor and a new location search view. When using the location search view, CalenGoo will search for matching contacts and nearby locations to choose an address from.


Also 3D touch functions have been added that can be used on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices to create a new task or a new event by pressing the icon a little more:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.23.33

New version 1.5.44

This version adds iCloud support to create backups and share attachments between devices.

New version 1.5.43

CalenGoo can now display Google Calendar attachments and it supports to assign labels to your tasks.
Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 20.19.04

New version 1.5.42

This version contains some additional configuration options for the Today Widget (to hide all-day and free events).

New version 1.5.41

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 09.03.2015 11.17.59
A Today Widget has been added, you can now sync with Evernote, you can specify Keywords to apply certain actions to your events and you can use Custom Fields to enter business data into your events.