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1.5.34 released

Apple has released the new version 1.5.34 a few hours ago after testing it for about four hours. It should work correctly under iOS 8. If it is not urgent I would recommend to wait 1-2 days before installing iOS 8, I will post further results here.

Several users reported that it fixed the problems they had with version 1.5.33 under iOS 8. And after version 1.5.34 became available for download no further users reported any problems. So it seems to work fine now.

Update: Over 24 hours after the release of iOS 8 no one reported serious problems with version 1.5.34 under iOS 8. The only problem that was reported is that on iPhones the title/location/description edit screen does not work in landscape orientation. It works fine in portrait orientation but in landscape orientation it displays a black area instead of the text input area. This will be fixed with version 1.5.35. Everything else seems to work fine so far. I will send this information also via the mailing list in a few hours.