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New version 1.5.64

  • New design for the agenda view: "Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view > Expert > Colored bars design"
  • Multi day events can now be displayed in the agenda view e.g. as "Title (2/5)". You can turn it on under "Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view > Expert > Show e.g. (2/5) for multi day events".
  • Added support for the "floating" dates/time zones of the iOS calendar. I.e. when you set the time zone of an iOS event, you can also choose "Floating date".
  • Added a bright mode for the Today Widget.
  • Added a new sunrise/sunset display option for the day view "as lines with times" (under "Settings > Display and Use > Day view > Expert > Show sunrise/sunset").
  • Added a switch "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > All > Auto open calendar list" to automatically open the calendar list first when creating a new event.
  • Added a new "custom field" type "phone number".
  • Bug fixes